Behind every great company lies a team of professional, career driven individuals focused on the business of brand recognition. Here at VLNS we prefer to go on 8-hour preworkout benders and hope somebody notices us. Our faction is comprised of industry misfits, outcasts, and the utterly unfiltered. Spearheaded by the enigmatic ZOO, VLNS embodies non-conformity in a world dominated by social media sheep. 

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." - Harvey Dent

ZOO aka The Blood Lord

The origin of ZOO is as modest as it is mysterious. His niche notoriety is derived from the days of forum relevancy where the username ZOOLANDER slowly gathered favor for the aggressive (over)use of designer prohormones. It was here that the bodybuilding hopeful established a presence from which to share his experiences through various writings.

His penchant for supplements, graphic design, and grimdark fantasy inadvertently formed the foundation of what would later become Vicious Labs Nutrition Systems. However, it wasn't until a grievous, life-afflicting injury forcing him to forgo his anabolic ambitions that VLNS would begin to reach fruition.

Initially dejected by this newfound physical limitation, ZOO eventually relinquished himself to a lifestyle of fitness, physique, and conservation. His online efforts were refocused towards the development of VLNS and cautioning others to the dangers of bodybuilding abuse. 

Today, ZOO continues in his quest to build a brand of supplements that embodies the level of quality and uniqueness that VLNS has now come to represent. Doing so all the while growing his band of like-minded supporters to which he has endearingly dubbed as Villains. Be different. Be powerful. Be Villainous!


Bostin Loyd aka Big Juice Daddy

Bostin Loyd's controversial entry into social media stardom has cemented his position as one of the industry's most polarizing, yet beloved, personalities. The rampant spread of misinformation within the sport of bodybuilding gave rise to the popularity of Team 3CC in his effort to bring forth honesty amidst lies. 

While Bostin's prolific and candid PED experimentation has granted him the moniker of "Big Juice Daddy," his intentions are nothing short of preserving the longevity of lifters in this otherwise precarious passion. A fact that is reflected in the success and well-being seen across his enclave of athletes.

Formerly known as an "anti-natty," it was his shared disdain of deceptive industry practices that prompted the chemical connoisseur to join forces with ZOO under the VLNS banner. Needless to say, products stamped with the Team 3CC seal of approval are held to Bostin's scrupulous supplement standards as well as the heightened expectations that freaks demand. 

The word "normal" is glaringly absent from Bostin's vocabulary. He staunchly refuses to exchange his ethics or quality of work for the sake of profit. No gimmicks. No copy and paste programs. Bostin provides all of his clients with true, individualized attention and program customization. Interested in learning from one of the best in the business? Sign up for his coaching services and sourcing forum at