Street Team

- Not currently accepting applicants. -

Street Team is Gainbusters' response to an ambassadorship program, or "repping." We will gladly bribe you with stickers, discounts, and product in exchange for your slanging our stuff - easy enough since the brand practically sells itself. If annoying friends and family with the perpetual awesomeness of Gainbusters sounds like a good use of your free time then you might be right for the job!


What do Street Team slangers get?

- Personalized Rep Code.

- Assorted Sticker Pack (a lot).

- Exclusive Street Team Discount.


Who can join Street Team?

- Applicants must have an active social media presence (i.e. Instagram) and maintain positive interactions within the fitness and sporting demographics.

- Applicants are to promote the Gainbusters brand by exemplifying the fitness/sporting lifestyle while engaging with current and potential supporters; aggressive sales tactics are NOT tolerated. 

- Trolls, flamers, and rage instigators need NOT apply.

- More info coming soon...