More Greene. More Green.

Kai’s presence or absence from the Mr. Olympia will carry little significance on the attendance of the Olympia competition due to the limited capacity of The Orleans venue where it is held; however, it does present a cascading series of consequences adjacent to the event itself. Undoubtedly, should he participate, the increased interest in the show would bolster viewership and advertising revenue. Kai is the economic stimulus package the Mr. Olympia needs in light of waning excitement, but his dubious antics may result in a surprise attendance that would prevent the IFBB from capitalizing on the marketing power of “Kai versus Phil.” With that likelihood in mind this is hardly an area worth exploring further. It is becoming increasingly more apparent that the Greene Giant commands some degree of influence with the “Powers That Be” - a fact that is substantiated by the IBFF President, Jim Manion, having extended a special invitation for him to participate in the 2017 Mr. Olympia competition. This is a blatant indication of Kai’s tremendous value to the organization’s interests, which includes calming the restless cries for the un-crowned Mr. Olympia’s redemption.

Undoubtedly, Kai’s enigmatic persona and creative integrity has allowed him to broaden his reach beyond the confines of bodybuilding’s limitations with mainstream audiences – an achievement seen only once prior by way of the Austrian Oak. He would be remiss, however, to forgo bodybuilding in its entirety as it is this very quality that has allowed him to ascend in popularity beyond that of even the current Mr. Olympia, Phil Heath. For all of its notoriety, it is not Kai’s Shakespearean commentary that captivates audiences. Rather, it is the stark contrast of abominable mass and novel artistry.  While his responses are perplexing and, often, elusive to the topic at hand, it is the concept that is romanticizing to most. For those who exist outside of bodybuilding’s niche culture, it is impossible to ignore the behemoth’s mindful display of universal musings. In many respects, Kai’s success is a crafted balancing act between these fundamentally similar, yet superficially polar, disciplines.

A commonly reverberated truth about the state of a bodybuilder’s career is that he, or she, is only as good as their previous show reflects. Despite Kai’s success in the early part of 2016 with his triple-tap of the Arnold Classics, the bright colors of this spectacular sweep will inevitably fade with time. Unlike the crop of social medialites and retired bodybuilders touting their respective supplement lines, Kai is unanimously regarded as the foremost contender to challenge Phil Heath for the Mr. Olympia title and, consequently, held to an alternative standard. While the specifics of his financial ventures are undisclosed, Dynamik Muscle likely constitutes a significant portion of Kai’s income. By design, the brand is exclusive to the bodybuilding demographic and his absence in the competitive arena will inevitably soften Dynamik’s appeal amongst consumers. The continuous barrage of supplement companies entering the market require Dynamik to maintain relevancy or risk dropping its slice of the proverbial pie. Simply, consumers seek out Dynamik Muscle for Kai the bodybuilder, not the philosopher.

A traditional approach to the Dynamik Muscle brand requires Kai to remain active onstage. That much has been established. Naturally, this leaves many business minded men to ponder the implications of Kai attending the Olympia on his company’s performance. Intuition would suggest a direct correlation between placings and profits. While this is resoundingly accurate in most regards, there is one critical variable requiring acknowledgement: Kai commands an unprecedented social following. As is typical, every blessing has its caveat. For all of their contributions to an athlete’s success, fans are not entirely selfless. They long for their occasionally-caped crusader to take flight against The Gift and put an end to his villainous reign.  The mounting plethora of bodybuilders and supplement companies are an ever-present challenge as Kai’s desire to step onstage dwindles with haste – a precarious position for the brand’s longevity. For all of his apparent disinterest, Kai maintains a suspiciously high-caliber physique that stirs speculation of ulterior intentions. While he is all but ensured a podium finish, the interest of the fans does not rest on Kai’s placing at the show’s conclusion. The highly anticipated performance alone will do much to reinvigorate excitement, as well as profit, for the Olympia, Kai, and, ultimately, Dynamik Muscle.

As was previously alluded to, many have successfully developed brands in the absence of any substantial career as a competitive bodybuilder. The difference is in the marketing concept and presentation. While Kai possesses one of the strongest social media outlets, it is important to recognize that he is not “Instafamous.” Kai’s popularity on related channels stem directly from the reputation he has developed throughout his time within the IFBB. However, this reputation does not rest solely on his physical prowess. Rather, it is the way in which Kai highlights this abundant quality through eccentric performances and various artistic endeavors. Unfortunately, Dynamik Muscle does not incorporate or reflect Kai’s creative abilities. By tailoring the company, or developing a new brand, to place a unique emphasis on his extracurricular talents, it would be possible to shift Dynamik’s marketing structure in a direction that allows Kai to drive sales without the need to remain competitively active. Not only does this cater favorably to Kai’s personal interests, but it also offers greater diversity under the Singerman umbrella.

While my knowledge of physics is limited, the Law of Momentum suggests that should he attend, the only man capable of besting The Predator is a 40 year-old, machine gun toting Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ever-escalating demand for Kai Greene all but ensures a proper eye from the judging panel, who will also be examining Phil for any regressions in his physique. That is not to imply any political favoritism, of course. Bodybuilding has reached a pinnacle in physical development and its subjective nature combined with its the many, fickle variables lend Kai a unique opportunity. Mr. Gettin’ it Done is certainly doing a lot, but it remains to be seen if he will be gettin’ after the Sandow come September.