"Making Monsters"

Don’t call it a comeback, but Vicious Labs is coming back! Back to the business of “Making Monsters”. The 2020 and 2021 years proved to have been among the most trying. Events stemming from the global crisis severely impacted the supply chain flow, which resulted in rising costs and material shortages across the supplement industry. This is in addition to ever increasing legislation against natural alternatives to pharmacological solutions. 

During this time I reevaluated the position of Vicious Labs as well as my objective for the company. Through this it was decided to dismantle its flimsy framework and rebuild it atop a firm foundation. The design of this new construction would be developed around Good Manufacturing Practices, FDA Inspected Facilities, Tested Ingredients, and all of the legal and ethical practices of a proper supplement company - a defiant contrast to an era of gray area. Rest assured that I will not be abandoning what has made Vicious Labs the niche success it is. 

The working concept for Vicious Labs began in 2014 with the desire to provide athletes the most potentiating products on the market; genetics had proven to be the greatest limiting factor in physiological development. By 2016, we began releasing a series of efficacious and transparent supplements to break through this natural barrier. Each of these products have been carefully crafted to raise the threshold of human performance and give athletes the competitive advantage they crave.

In this effort we continue to distinguish ourselves with superior supplements that emphasize quality over profit margins - a gourmet shoppe of uniquely presented, diabolically designed, and efficaciously dosed products. To further this, Vicious Labs is expanding its manufacturing, storage, and distribution network to give supporters greater access through online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

Spearheading the relaunch is the release of our highly anticipated flagship products, Juice Daddy and Daft Pump. As Bostin Loyd’s signature supplement, Juice Daddy compiles a comprehensive blend of ingredients that delivers an injection of energy for an unrivaled level of stimulation. The latter, Daft Pump, is a nostalgically novel nootropic and pump remix that is absent of any stimulants. This tag team offers the flexibility to choose a preworkout best suited for your needs, or to combine both for an incomparable workout experience.