Bostin Loyd

Husband. Father. Friend. Born into bodybuilding, it was no surprise to witness the rise of Bostin Loyd within the fitness industry. His presence was one of polarity, but undeniable in honesty. Even his most staunch critics would concede that he is a man entirely devoid of selfishness and deceit; a rarity in a world succumbing to frauds and phonies. Bostin's relentless pursuit of passion is unmatched. Although he exercised his extreme experimentation as much as his biceps, he sought only to use his newfound knowledge, whether in benefit or detriment, to educate truth to the masses. 

Bostin's inspiration is far from that of reckless behavior despite what a few may claim. Rather, he proved to many that they were capable of achieving their physical potential through properly applied training, nutrition, and supplementation. Myself being one such individual. He could turn doubt into confidence with little more than a smile and a meticulous meal plan. For Bostin, his satisfaction was derived from morphing others as much as himself, which is proved evident by the results of his athletes. This same attitude carried over into his personal life as he held a steadfast position of loyalty to his friends and devotion to his family. I was blessed to be afforded his friendship let alone his partnership. In truth, I often feel guilty of this as he had many more fiscally rewarding opportunities beyond my lowly supplement brand. 

Above all else, Bostin cared most deeply for his family. There was not a moment where he wouldn't rather be with his wife, son, and canine clan. It was time with them that gave him the greatest pleasure. Not wealth. Not clout. More than most he understood that no amount of money could ever buy the happiness that this provided. 

We love you, bro.